Tacha continue to insist that the Big Brother house didn’t really help her in anyways and what she has attained is due to her and her team’s efforts.

She was dragged by social media users over her comments about the reality show with many users tagging her as ‘being ungrateful’ with regards to what the reality show has done for her and her personality.

Tacha in an audio on her Twitter page has explained to her fans and her critics over why she made such comments about the BBNaija reality show.

She revealed she almost died in 2019 after she was disqualified from the reality show for fighting a colleague housemate. She said the hateful comments and the kind of bashing she received on social media made her very depressed.

She added that if she should give thanks to anyone or any group of people for the role they played in her life, it will rather be her team and not BBNaija. She said her team stayed with her all through the hard times and helped her get on her feet so she doesn’t understand the fact that netizens are dragging her for telling the truth.

Tacha expressed the fact that she doesn’t care if Nigerians will hate on her for speaking her mind which to her, its the truth. She added that BBNaija give her the platform and she also gave thema ‘show’, so to her, its a win win situation.


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