During this quarantine period network provider like mtn seems to favour their customers in Nigeria in such a way that they slash down their data plan, for your info if you don’t know you will know now mtn mpluse plan have now been slashed which you will be able to activate Mpluse data of 200MB for just N50 And  Mtn Mpluse plan of 700MB for N150.

See cool right?  MTN mpluse plan of N50 was released before at the rate of 100MB, umm 1000 MB now added to it which make it 200MB,  And Mtn Mpluse plan of 150 is released before at the rate of 350MB Approximately 350MB too have been added to it which make it to be 700MB wow that’s some kind of huge data plan which affordable prices. 

Buh we have so sad new about this plans for you, it is the plan can only work for us with the help of some VPN, but don’t look sad as we said cause we’ve got you covered with the best VPN so far to power up the mtn mpluse plans. 

Yea that’s the main reason to bring this article to your doorstep let check somethings out from it. 

How To Activate Mtn Mpluse Data Plan

To activate the plan you have to be an mtn pluse subscriber that is your mtn line have to been on mtn mpluse plan but if your sim is on mtn mpluse already you can process to the next step below :

To subscribe to the plan dial *344# and make selection on option two (2) you will be provided with the appropriate plans. 

  • Mtn Mpluse 50 for 200MB And
  • Mtn Mpluse 150 for 700MB

Selecte the one of your choice and subscribe to the plan. 

For does that are not on mtn mpluse plan see below step to migrate to the plan. 

How To Migrate To Mtn Mpluse Plan

To migrate to mtn mpluse plan dial *344# and make selection on option two (2) or just dial *344*1# and you will be migrated to plan. 

You can now go ahead and subscribe to the Mtn Mpluse data plan. 

After subscription has been done, what else is to know about the list or how to power up the data plan with VPN to get it to work with all our apps Let’s check it out below.. 

How To Power-up Mtn Mpluse Data Plan With VPN

There are several VPN that can be use to power-up the mpluse data plan but as we said earlier we’ve selecte the best out of best and they are most recommend by us checkout the list below. 

  1. Stark VPN Get one Here or Download here
  2. Samsung Max VPN Get one here to Download here

After you have downloaded and installed  the VPN what next is the configuration to make it work for our data plan let proceed on that. 

How To Connect Stark VPN With Mtn Mpluse Data Plan

  1. After you have downloaded and installed the vpn.
  2. Open it and set it as stated below:
  • Locate the Settings on the VPN app.
  • Select Custom Tweak
  • Select Connection Mode – HTTP
  • Server Port – 8080
  • Host Header – mtn.pass.ng
  • Select Header Line Type – Singleline
  • Proxy Host –
  • Proxy Port – 8080
  • Now, go back to home and select tweak to custom.
  • Lastly click on connect.


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