So today I’m going to be sharing with everyone how you can make money online with your phone or a PC( laptop) if you have.

At first when I came across this process I was skeptical about it because there are many ‘get rich online tutorials’ but when you learn about it you discover they are either scam or not authentic. And so i decided to give it a try and check if it is Genuine and yes it is genuine!!.

You might have heard of bitcoin(BTC) or bitcoin mining. So what is bitcoin?

 Bitcoin which is often also described as a cryptocurrency, is a virtual currency or a digital currency – is a type of money that is completely virtual ie intangible.

Although bitcoin is intangible, it can be converted into physical cash and today I’ll be teaching you how to go ‘mine’ and get bitcoin for yourself and convert to any currency you wish.

I can assure you this is totally Legit. You can make more research about it if you’d like.

Bitcoin is very powerful as One bitcoin i.e 1BTC is equal to 9,342.35 United States Dollar and that is 3,383,417.73Nigerian Naira.(3.3million naira)

How can I get BTC and make money?

Back in the early days bitcoin used to be very difficult and expensive to mine but upgrades and research to enable everyone mine for free with little work done.

You can ‘mine’ bitcoin with your phone today without any cost. All you need to do is download the app CryptoTabBrowser.

What is CryptoTabBrowser and how does it work?

I am going to make brief CryptoTabBrowser is an application just like every other Android and Apple application on your phone or software on your PC.

CryptoTabBrowser is just like your Google Chrome browser or your Ucweb or Operamini but the difference is that the CryptoTabBrowser has a built in system machine and algorithm that enable it (you) to mine bitcoin with little or no data(mb) while you browse your favorite sites using the cryptotabrowser.

In short CryptoTabBrowser browser is a browser applicationt that mines bitcoins while you browse. Thats it so easy, you don’t have to purchase the app or register with money. All you need is patience and time.

Steps to download and register your CryptoTabBrowser and start making money!!!

  1. Download the CryptoTabBrowser App by clicking Here
  2. Sign in with your E-mail or Facebook account.
  3. You will get a welcome confirmation and your bitcoin details will be shown to you in the CryptoTabBrowser.
  4. Since you are just starting your bitcoin balance will be shown which will be 0.000000000000BTC.
  5. Make the CryptoTabBrowser your default browser and use it regularly for regular mining.

The CryptoTabBrowser mines bitcoin and you have an option to withdraw the bitcoin to your E-wallet when it has gotten to a tangible sum of your choice.

Note: An E-wallet is like your online bank where bitcoins are stored from there converted to physical Cash.

If you have any questions or still unclear? You can leave a comment below. Don’t just sit at home with your phone. Make money online too with it JOHSBLOG


    • Yes sir, it continues to increase. Download with the link I provided to make your mining faster, you can also invite friends to register with your link so you could earn more


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