Hello guys, so today I will be discussing and explaining Luffy Gear 5 with you guys in this post. I’ll also be sharing with you guys my personal theories as well as what I came across from a YouTube channel ‘The flying Panda‘. Dude got some nice theory you can check it out.

How does Luffy Gears work?

Before I begin let’s look at the scientific definition and the function of ‘Gear’ because we will be applying this logic to explain Luffy Gear 5.

According to a definition I got from Quora, A gear is a tooth element,These tooths are mounted on a wheel which rotates and transmits motion. The basic function of an gear is to transmit rotary motion as well as power from one shaft to another. Please take note of the Words that are in bolded forms.

The basic function of a gear is to transmit rotary motion as well as power from one shaft to another. Gears can also be used to amplify power.

From the explanations we know that gears can be used to amplify power and also transmit rotary motion. What motion means in the case for Luffy is he’s heart and lungs working twice or more than they usually do hence generating great energy.

For example we know that if we rob our palms hard very quickly (motion) we can create heat energy. This means that energy is created from within Luffy’s body and transferred using the logic of the gear to the body to amplify it’s power. Now that the concept of Gear is out of the way let’s take at the types of Gear Luffy uses.

Types of Gears

Luffy as we know it currently Possess 3 Gears which are the Gear 2, 3 and 4. We already know we will be seeing a gear 5th From the Kaido Arc which brings about the question, what and how Gear 5 will look like?. Before we Jump to discuss gear 5 let’s discuss the Gears we have so far because they will be vital in our theory for Gear 5.

Gear 2

Luffy gear 2
Gomu Gomu no Mi/Gear Second Techniques

The Gear Second was first seen on Enies Lobby. Luffy increases the size of his blood vessels, pumping more oxygen and nutrients to his body. Luffy activates this by pumping blood through his legs. This increases his speed and power.

One thing we know about the Gear 2nd is that it mainly focus on Speed enhancement although we know Luffy’s attack gets stronger while using the Gear 2nd, The primary function for the form is to increase he’s speed which brings about the Gear 3rd.

So Luffy got quicker using the gear second but wasn’t having a strong attack, so he developed the 3rd gear

Gear 3rd

Luffy gear 3

Gear Third was first seen on Enies Lobby. By blowing into his thumb, Luffy can inflate the bones of a particular part of his body, making it massive. These inflated body parts are capable of inflicting damage on a massive scale, being able to break through walls and large structures with ease.

The primary reason for Luffy’s Gear 3rd is to increase he’s attack strength right to complement he’s Gear 2nd which was lacking in strength but he could not use both together and the draw backs he got from these power ups were really great so he developed the gear 4.

Gear 4

Luffy gear 4

During Luffy’s two-year training on Rusukaina, He developed the gear 4. He activates this gear By blowing into his arm, Luffy inflates his entire body and covers it with Busoshoku Haki. So far we know the Gear 4 is a product of Gear second and third combined with Haki.

Although the Gear 4th is awesome but it has a bit of Drawbacks which is Luffy become unable to use Haki for 10mins let alone stand up on he’s own feet as we saw from the battle he had with Doflamingo.

But Luffy has been shown to overcome this drawback after he went on several rounds with Bigmom Commander Cracker and Katakuri. Luffy has been able to develop the gear 4 into 3 forms such as the Bounce man, Tank man and Snake man.

Gear 4th Bounce-man: Makes Luffy’s composition similar to a bouncy ball, forcing him to bounce all the time. He is capable of retracting his arms and legs into his body, unleashing blows of devastating power, and he can change the direction of his attacks. His defense also increases, with most attacks bouncing off his body. 

Gear 4th Tank-man: makes Luffy much bigger and increases his defensive abilities, allowing him to use them as a weapon via the recoil blasting opponents away.

Gear 4th Snake-man: is slimmer and focuses on offense. Luffy is granted a tremendous increase in attack speed, and frequently changes the direction of his attacks to assault his opponents from every direction.

What do we know from these forms and How it will bring about Gear 5

So Gear 4th is the Summation of The 2nd and 3rd gear. This we know but what I’d like to point out to you is those Gear 4th forms that Luffy had to develop.

Why did Luffy make Gear 4 have several Forms?

I was thinking about this and I thought why did Luffy decided to split the Gear 4th forms into several other forms and this is what I think.

I believe the Original concept of Gear 4th During Luffy’s two-year training on Rusukaina was to create a form which had the combined abilities of Gear 2nd, third and those forms of gear 4th without drawback but I believe as he continued to train to attain this goal he realized there was enough time to Master this and the only way was to break the Original Gear 4 he had in mind(Which may now be the the gear 5) into forms.

Now we see the several gear 4th forms such bounce man which is mainly for Power increase, The tank man which is for Defense and Snake man which is for Attack and speed.

So now these three forms are for three purposes

  1. Power
  2. Defence
  3. Offence (attack)

This three are any and everything a fighter needs and this will now brings us back to the Concept of the Gear 5

Luffy Gear 5

Luffy gear 5
One piece

So like I said earlier Luffy’s Original concept was to combine these abilities mentioned above as one but Luffy was lacking in Time to practice this and Haki manipulation knowlege to do so such as Devil fruit Awakening and experience.

For my Theory, I believe During he’s forth coming Battle with Kaido or Bigmom. Luffy will attempt he’s original concept of the Gear 4th which he’ll now call the Gear 5. I believe Luffy will Awaken during this Battle because for all these abilities to work he’s body will require change and this can come when he’s awakned

How Luffy Gear 5 will work

Okay reason this, We know the basic characteristics of rubber is that it can stretch, decrease, increase when inflated and can look like liquid (molten) when exposed to heat right? So this is why Luffy will need to awaken inorder to use the full characteristics and power of he’s Gomu Gomu devil fruit as we already know that when a devil fruit user is awakened, he or she is able to manipulate not just he’s environment but himself as well.

When he awakens he’ll be able to manipulate he’s body to use several forms of the the gear 4 simultaneously. That is for example when using Gear 4 he’ll be able to switch forms from Bounce man to Snake man in seconds. He’ll be able to to use this abilities to increase he’s Size to either Bigger or Smaller.

We know this is possible if you recall when Luffy used the gear 3rd for the first time, he shrunk down to a kid and during the battle with Shuzo and his followers when he swallowed Lilly he was able to increase he’s Size to that of a giant so we know it’s possible.

With the skills he’s picked up from the Katakuri where he can see bits into the future and he’s new Haki attack. Combined with the the gear 5, imagine how strong he’s punches will be and you can see if it’s a little, there’s a chance Luffy will be able to defeat Kaido

That’s all we have for you guys, I honestly would like your feedback. And if you have any predictions you can head to our guest post by clicking here to drop your predictions or leave them in the comments section below.


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