Making money legitimately online from the comfort of your home is one of the best source of wealth and Income.

I will be sharing with everyone how you can make your dreams come true and earn about $1000 which is approximately #380,000 within 3months or less depending on how much effort you put in without any kind of investment. Sounds too good to be true you might say right?

In this article i will give you the facts, and the truth on how to achieve this feats. So without wasting much of your precious time let me answer your question, How can i make money online?

How To Make Money

There are several ways people make money online but the one I’ll be introducing to you is called GRAMFREEWOLRD.

What is Gramfree and how does it work?

Gramfreewolrd is a Global online platform where you earn a ‘Gram’ (i.e 1gram)which is equivalent to $2 depending on the market rate. The minimum widrawal is 500gram which is equivalent to $1000 How does it work?

How do you Earn Grams?

You earn using the platform by doing few Task such as watching short sponsored videos which is usually around 2mins. You also earn 5grams which is equivalent to $8 by referring a friend. So imagine referring just 10 friends, you could earn 50gram($80 to $100)

The platform also provides you The free roll option. The free roll is like a raffle draw where you can roll atleast 5times a day. You could earn 0.1, 1, 10, 100 or 1000gram in a single roll of you are lucky.

Now that you understand how it works, you can click Here to Register and earn 10grams ($20) using my link.

How Can i get more referrals?

So i won’t leave you hanging as having more referrals means you can earn 500grams within even a month.

You can start my sharing your referral links to your friends on WhatsApp or even Facebook.

Another secret to gain more referral is try doing ads or promotion by asking Page or group admins to allow you inform people on the group by writing a post just like this on how this thing works and put your link after the post.

Again it’s possible to earn even without much referral if you are lucky by using the free roll.

So How Can I withdraw From Gramfreewolrd?

After meeting the requirements of 500grams, you can request for a widraw where you will be asked to choose which widrawal option you prefer. These options includes Master Card, Payoneer, Etherum, Bitcoin, Paypal payments.

There over 6 withdrawal option but I would recommend you use the Bitcoin widrawal option because it is faster and you can receive payment within 3working days.

All you have to do is download Blockchain from your App or playstore. After successfully downloading and registration, copy your Bitcoin address into your Bitcoin payment widrawal address and click widraw. Simple

After it arrives in your Blockchain address you can sell to vendors or keep till maybe when the Bitcoin prices go up.


payment proof

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