First off what you should know is that this isn’t a cheat but rather an offer by glo where by thier customers can enjoy thier weekends with 3gig of data to download movies, watch Netflix, YouTube or Facebook. That’s right it works for everything and every Application.

I will be sharing with you the simple steps on how you can achieve this so follow. Please note that The Weeknd plan as the name implies can be activate on the day before the Weeknd day come.

That is the data can be activate on Friday and gain into usage from Saturday to Sunday that all subscribers of this plan can use it from 5am on Saturday interval if Sunday and the plan will expire on Monday 12am it’s seems to be the best weekend data plan so far.

Here’s How you can Activate

  1. Dial *777# and select a data plan. 
  2. Then go for the option weekend data plan or weekend plan. 
  3. Then select your respective plan which is glo 3GB for N500.

That’s all. The plan will expire Sunday /Monday Morning



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