Hello everyone we are glad to bring to you the latest Glo free browsing cheat that will see you all through the month May, June July hopefully. This cheat is blazing hot and the only requirement needed is your glo sim card, your mobile device and #100 airtime.

This post will be containing Glo latest free browsing cheat using Ec tunnel V2ray VPN. Now you might be wondering how do i activate the latest Glo free browsing cheat?? well here are the instructions below.

Lates Glo Free Browsing Cheat

  1. Firstly you will need to download EC Tunnel V2ray from Playstore HERE.
  2. Recharge N100 Naira on the sim. You’ll receive a 40MB data bonus
  3. Open your ECTunnel V2ray app and Update Config in the app menu
latest glo free browsing cheat

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4. Next select Glo Unlimited Free Tweak and tap on START

5. It will be connected within 5 seconds. To confirm it’s working, you’ll get a response like “Success. HTTPS handshake took ***“. Meaning, all is fine, you can go ahead and browse, chat, stream and download

6. But if you get a response like Failed, just reconnect again.

7. Your 40mb data will not be touched but to avoid deduction of data when your VPN disconnects, kindly go to your phone settings > VPN > then set Always On for EC Tunnel V2ray VPN. What this means is that, if the VPN is not connected, there won’t be an Internet connection on the device


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