Before we talk about kimetsu no yaiba 183 let’s discuss the previous chapter Kimetsu no yaiba 182.

Kimetsu no yaiba aka Demon slayer is gradually coming to an end and I must confess it has been one of my best manga since I came across it early this year!.

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In chapter 182 we had Tanjuro facing he’s archenemy Kibutsuji Muzan thinking that the only way they could defeat him was to drag the battle until the sun comes up as Muzan can’t die even if he’s head is cut off.

Tanjuro being too anxious to lay a blow on Kibutsuji Muzan backfired as he got injured on the right eye. Muzan strength was overwhelming even for both a puller and tanjuro combined saying there’s no way they could even manage to stall him until the sun comes up seeing there are only 3 pillars left.

Kan Roji annd iguro came into the scene which surprised Muzan thinking they had been killed along with others by he’s Upper Moons. The chapter ended with a former underling of Muzan switching Sides because of the death of he’s friend and he was the one who manipulated the vision Muzan had of both Kanroji and Iguro being dead. If you have not read chapter 182 Click here

Demon slayer tanjuro and Nezuko

Kimetsu no yaiba 183 spoilers and predictions

As of the time of publishing this article no kimetsu no yaiba 183 spoilers has been not been released and we will update you as soon as it does so keep checking on us.

Now for my prediction, I don’t see much happening in chapter 183, but I do believe we will see muzan stepping up he’s power in other to battle 3 pillars. We may see him in another form or transformation. I believe Tanjuro will be asked to step back and analyze the battle while the pillars battle Muzan. We might see more pillars joining up the fight in the next chapter

We will like to hear your prediction and thoughts. Please leave a comment below and we will get back to you.


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