Welcome back guys, we are glad to have you here with us we discuss previous chapter of kimetsu no yaiba and as well give possible predictions for chapter 195.

In the last chapter we saw Tamayo’s familiar Chachamaru destroyed and the pillars unconscious including Himajima who is regarded as the strongest Pilar.

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We then saw Tanjuro who’s still locked in a fierce battle againats Muzan. Although he was able to complete the 12 form but he was still unable to bring Muzan down.

Kimetsu no yaiba 150

Seeing this battle so far I’m really impressed with Tanjuro’s growth so far and no doubt in kimetsu no yaiba chapter 195 we could see something new from Tanjuro.

Iguro then came back into the scene when he saved Tanjuro after he lost he’s vision a bit when he tried to ‘ The transparent world’ in an attempt to locate Muzan’s heart and brain.

Chapter 194 then came to a close when scars started appearing across Muzan’s body from the death match he fought with Yoriichi.

Kimetsu no Yaiba 195 Spoilers and Discussions

The spoilers for Demon slayer:Kimetsu no yaiba 195 came early this week. We will probably have a brief recall on the battle between Yorrichi and Muzan and how those scars came about.

Nezuko should make an entrance next chapter. From what we can see I think Nezuko might out to be an Hybrid. We also got to see Iguro piercing Muzan from the back. Chapter 195 will sure be interesting indeed.

Kimetsu Chapter 195 will be officially released on February 22, 2020. Please leave your comments below and prediction as well.

Kimetsu no yaiba 195 spoilers


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