Kimetsu no yaiba 186 should be hitting us soon but before we go further with our prediction for the next week’s chapter, let’s quickly take a recap on the previous chapter 185.

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In chapter 185 we saw Nezuko hurriedly rushing to meet up with Tanjuro, which I’m sure she did because she felt Tanjuro is dieing.

Next scene we saw Muzan over powering the pillars (3) present and before he could do severe damage, he got interrupted by the stone Pilar and got sliced by the wind pillar. This makes the total pillars on the battle scene.

The chapter later ended with Tanjuro waking up in something that seem like a trans.

Kimetsu no yaiba 186 demon slayer 186

Kimetsu no yaiba 186 possible spoilers and prediction

This is a bit tricky because I feel there are at least 3 ways kimetsu no yaiba 186 might go.

Firstly, it can go to Tanjuro in he’s vision learning more about he’s dad and hes past and also learn how the sun breath techniques works which he’s ancestors used back in the.

I honestly believe when Tanjuro opens he’s eyes again, he coming up with an awesome power up just like we saw from naruto and sasuke when they meet with the 6th path!.

Secondly, the is the probability of Nezuko arriving at Tanjuro’s location and maybe magically heal or revive him and they too will join in on the fight against Muzan.

And thirdly for my prediction, I think the pillars will come up with a plan to trap Muzan. Kimetsu no yaiba 186 should be arriving 6th December so let’s keep the fingers crossed!!

How ever the case may be, chances are one of this predictions might come true and maybe not! Lol. But we would love to hear your thoughts and prediction for the next chapter so leave your comments below!


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