I honestly can’t wait for Kimetsu no yaiba chapter 192, after the epic arrival of Tanjuro and he’s Dance of fire God technique.

Before we discuss chapter 192 please ensure you have read previous chapter so not to get spoiled even as we review previous chapter.

Kimetsu chapter 191 started off from where it left off and ended with Tanjuro. We got to see Tanjuro been given an antidote to Muzan’s blood that had infected he’s body.

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As the story progressed Tanjuro was able to respond before the panel shifted To the pilars who are still occupied battling Muzan.

So far the pilars have been able to do battle much easier than before due to the red sword that can penetrate Muzan.

Their hope of turning things around was cut short after Muzan threw an attacked that Knocked the whole pilars unconscious. But before he could finish them off Tanjuro came to the science threw an attack that took off Muzan’s arm which was my best scene in the chapter.

kimetsu no yaiba 192
Tanjuro vs Muzan

Kimetsu no yaiba 192 spoilers and predictions

Your guess is probably the same as mine, it is very likely that the next chapter should continue from Tanjuro vs Muzan.

If this isn’t the case then we could see Nezuko, don’t forget she ran Towards Tanjuro’s Location after she sensed he’s brother was at a point of death.

Honestly I hope we can see a Brother and sister vs Muzan as well see more of the Fire God techniques.

That’s all we got for you this week, don’t forget to leave your comments and predictions below

Kimetsu no yaiba should be arriving on the 1st of Feb while the official spoilers will arrive a couple of days earlier. .


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