Without a doubt Kimetsu no yaiba 190 will sure be interesting to read. But before we discuss the next chapter let’s have a recap on previous chapter 189.

To avoid spoilers if you are yet to read Chapter 189 click here. So the previous chapter kick off with with Muzan battling and overwhelming the pillars hugely in Battle.

It’s pretty clear that Muzan is far stronger even than all the pillars combined.

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Before they where completely overpowered due to lack of energy Tamayo came to the rescue by giving the pillers a serum to help their body resist Muzan’s poisons.

Chapter 189 ended with Iguro having some kind of power up and he’s sword changing to colour red

Kimetsu no yaiba 190 raw

Kimetsu no Yaiba 190 Spoilers

In the next chapter we expect to see Iguro back story as well how he became the snake pillar.

We might see how he’s new power up will be and how it will affect the battle. Don’t forget Tanjuro and Nezuko because I believe they will be the deciding factor that’ll give the pillars victory!

We are in the last arc of kimetsu no yaiba and am pretty sure the series will be ending this year which makes me sad anytime I think about it.

Release Date

Kimetsu No Yaiba Demon Slayer Chapter 190 is going to release on the 13th of January 2020. You can read on official websites such as Viz or Mangaplus

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