When will Kimetsu no yaiba 187 released?

Kimetsu no yaiba 187 raw scans and spoilers should be dropping 12th December and the official release should arrive on the 14th but before we discuss about chapter 187, let’s do a recap on previous chapter.

Kimetsu no yaiba 186 Discussion

Chapter 186 started off with Tanjuro waking up in a vision and having an encounter with a man named Yoriichi who is the original user of the sun breath form.

The panel later shifted with Tanjuro laying subconsciously on the floor. We later saw tanjuro recognising the vision is a memory from he’s previous ancestor.

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It got interesting when Yoriichi explained how he got recruited to become a demon hunter after he’s pregnant wife got killed by a demon. He also explained that the water, wind, thunder, fire , rock breath techniques where developed from the sun breathing

The chapter ended with Yoriichi coming across Muzan.

Kimetsu no yaiba 187 spoilers and predictions

Just like prediction for chapter 186 about Tanjuro learning about the sun breath techniques. Kimetsu no yaiba Chapter 187 should provide us with more answers!.

I believe we may get to see how the battle transpired between Muzan and Yoriichi Tsugikuni. Remember Yoriichi is the only demon hunter that has been able to battle Muzan to the point of killing him which made him create he’s demon moons for protection.

Kimetsu no yaiba 187 Yoriichi vs Muzan

If we are lucky, we may get too see how the sun breath is like during combat and also how Yoriichi died.

Koyoharu Gotouge can also decide to shift the panel also. Remember last 2 chapters Nezuko was on her way to Tanjuro and don’t forget the pillars are also battling Muzan. Kimetsu no yaiba chapter 187 should give us more insights on how the battle with Muzan will go!

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