Kimetsu no yaiba 184 we saw ended at Kamado Tanjuro in the point of death after been exposed too much to Muzan’s blood. So if you haven’t read the previous chapter click here

So what next?

Kimetsu no yaiba 185 predictions

My predictions for kimetsu no yaiba 185 this week is that of course we know kamado Tanjuro can’t die seeing he’s the protagonist of the story.

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I believe what will come next is we will be having more pillars join in the fight. I also believe Nezuko might not sit still and come to he’s big bro rescue.

Now for my far fetched predictions, I was thinking maybe one of those near death power up might come into play. Something like Tanjuro discovering the sun techniques and using it to destroy the muzan blood cells in he’s body!

Far fetched right? But hey we go to see something like that when Tanjuro fought Upper moon 3. (Void technique).

I for one don’t believe the pillars will be able to hold muzan till day break. It will all come down to the sun/flame techniques that are probably locked within tanjuro.

Kimetsu 185 should be available Nov 30, till then let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Please leave your predictions below, tell us what you think. We would love to hear from you!

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