The moment Todd Phillips’ Joker crossed $1 billion, you have to know that the business folks behind the scenes would be pushing for a sequel. Well, this morning, it’s sounding like they got their way.

According to a report in The Hollywood Reporter, Todd Phillips is negotiating with the studio to return for a Joker sequel, and he is “likely” to reteam with star Joaquin Phoenix to continue exploring the creation of DC’s most famous villain.

The way that the report has it, Phillips approached Warner Bros. after Joker opened huge in October with an even bigger idea than just Joker 2 (or whatever it end up being called). Phillips wanted the rights to do a full series of DC villain origin stories. And while the studio initially balked at that large-concept idea, Phillips walked away from the meeting with Joker 2 in hand, and now it’s moving forward.

Here’s where things start to get really interesting. THR notes that WB has sequel rights with Joaquin Phoenix to return as The Joker. However, during the press run of Joker, both Todd Phillips and his leading man made it relatively clear that they had no intention of continuing the story, that this was a standalone movie, and that it’d be done.

In fact, here they are on the ReelBlend podcast, diving into the process, telling hilarious stories about filming the movie, and revealing that they don’t plan to tell a sequel.

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