Mtn seems to make their stay tune online with their free data offer so they deceived to find a way to surprise their hum subscribers,  you can now get free 10gb when you upgrade your Mtn sim to 4G which tends to be free Mtn 4GB when you upgrade to 4g.

It’s a great offer, and seems they want most of their users to stay only on 4G networks, there have been different kinds of news all over Nigeria especially Lagos indeed that the federal government FG seems to launch a device with 5G network which we Don’t know if its true or not. 

But it still seems we are not yet circled with the 4G network in Nigeria now they went ahead to bring 5G network, that might bring about the reason which Mtn brings this free data offer when you upgrade your sim to 4g. 

According To Mtn Nigeria On Twitter 

MTN free 10gig data

You can now see clearly that this is not a cheat or trick, it’s a 100% offer from mtn Nigeria to their customers, and apart from that they also specify that there are some 100% data deals that are attached to the data offer too which was specified on the tweet tweeted by mtn. 

The main aim of this article is let you guys know about this great offer (Mtn free 10GB)  And let you know how to get the Mtn free data that was attached to the offer let’s proceed. 

How To Upgrade My Mtn Sim And Get MTN 10gig Data

This is quit simple and straight forward all you have to do is to:

  1. Get your sim and his pack. 
  2. Visit any Mtn agent shop close to you. 
  3. Ask them about sim upgrades. 
  4. Tell them you will like to upgrade your sim to 4G. 
  5. Also go along with any valid ID (National I’D , Drivers license or school I’d) 
  6. Let them Register your sim for the upgrading process. 
  7. That’s all about that. 

What to do when I upgrade my sim to get the Mtn free  data?

What to do when I upgrade my sim to get the Mtn free data?

There is nothing to do you just have to wait for your offer or after you upgrade your sim just go ahead and input the sim to a 4G phone and send and SMS state 4G to 131 then your line will be loaded with straight forward 10GB attached with 100% data deal whenever you subscribe to any mtn plan. 

Requirements For Mtn Sim Replacement / Sim Swap 

  1. The phone number of the owner must be a registered one. 
  2. Owner must provide the sim pack. 
  3. Some of this information must be provided by the owner too:
  • Three numbers that the owner of the sim always makes calls on that is three frequently dialled numbers. 
  • Details about the last recharge on the sim is the amount of cards the person recharges on the sim last. 
  • And a valid  identity card ( example National I’d, pcv personal voters card, drivers license etc.) 

Things To Note About The Mtn Free Data Offer

  • Mtn data offer of 10GB can only be begotten and used on a device that enables 4G network respectively. 
  • Mtn 100% data deal gotten from the data offer can be used on all types of device 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G device android or iOS. 
  • Also the 100% data deal will be enabled on your sim for the next three months when you get the 4G data offer from mtn free data offer. 
  • That’s all about that



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