The most common question on the minds of people today is: what is my purpose in life; what are my dreams and aspirations? We are so busy asking ourselves these questions without planning how to achieve them.

When we fail to plan, we plan to fail.
Do you have a dream for your life? What would you do to achieve your dreams? How crazy can you get for your dreams? Do you have what it takes to achieve your dreams? Can what you are doing right now help achieve your dreams?

These questions are what we need to answer in other to become successful in life. One must remember that in other to succeed in anything, one must be ready to invest time, money and effort to achieve these goals and aspirations.

We live in a society today where talent is not the issue, but rather the capital to fund one’s talent and dream.

“A man’s enthusiasm dies when he has no direction to put it.” This saying talks about our society of today, where we all have dreams, but lack the vehicle to take us there.

So out of confusion and frustration all hope is lost and we throw out the option of succeeding and have the strong believe that in life we are just meant to survive, while cultivating the thought that those who are successful are just lucky.

We forget that any overnight success did not happen in one day, rather it took time, patience, cultivation and an anchor to enable success.

Times have changed, gone are days, were we were dependent on agriculture as of the times of our forefathers.

That was over turned by the era of education brought about by the colonial masters, for so long we have been lead to believe that education is key to success in life (go to school, come out with good grades, then get a good job and life goes on).

Yes, this is true. But what happens when have the key to success and the lock has been changed? What then? Will you seat down and say to yourself my case is different or will rise up and do something about it?

The lock has been changed due to the fact that the amount of graduates been produced yearly far outnumber the amount of jobs available, thus the increase in unemployment or settling for jobs far below one’s qualification just to survive and make ends meet.

This is the main reason why we belong to the 95% of poor person’s in the world, this is because we praying and just sitting hoping our prayers would be answered, while doing nothing.

For those looking to do something about their current conditions, thinking about a way forward, wanting to make their effort count for something, ripping the fruits of their labor, looking to be finically free or want to succeed.

Networking is the surest way, as it is an equal opportunity for all educated or uneducated. You need only your burning desire to change your current situation and life’s challenges, come, learn, lead and earn beyond your wildest dreams.

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