Hello everyone, glad to have you back with us as we discuss and drop possible spoilers for fairy tail 100 year quest chapter 50.

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Now then before we jump in to discuss fairy tail 100 year quest chapter 50 let’s have a recap on previous chapter.

Chapter 49 started off with Happy and Natsu coming across with Wendy who they thought had been possessed by the enemy they fought earlier.

After confirming Wendy was okay, she then went on to explain that the reason for her mumbling was because she had a discussion with someone invincible and actually got to learn a Separation Enchantment as result of the conversation.

With this technique she explained she could probably separate the white wizard dual personalities. The scene then shifted to fatigue gray who had a battle with Mirajane.

Fairy tail 100 year quest 50

With the help of Cana’s ability they where able to seal the rest of fairy tail members such as Gajeel, Levy, Elf man and others who had been under control in a card.

After rescuing Carla, the chapter then came to a close when a teleporter came to the assistance of the white Wizard and destroyed the last Orb.

Fairy tail 100 year quest 50 spoilers

What to expect in Fairy tail 100 year quest chapter 50?

Fairy tail 100 year quest 50 which should arrive on the 21st of Feb will most likely kick of from where it stopped previously.

We should expect to see what happens to the wood dragon god after the Orb was destroyed.

No doubt we will see more of Natsu and how Wendy will go about the separation enchantment she mentioned earlier.

Will there be a way to save the five cities who currently reside on the wood god dragon Aldoron?

Leave your predictions and comments below.


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