Hi guys welcome back once again as we give possible spoilers and discuss up coming fairy tail 100 year quest chapter 51. Fairy tail 100 year quest Chapter 50 gave us many questions which we all would love to get some answers in the next chapter.

Before we drop our predictions for fairy tail 100 year quest chapter 51, let’s have a run down on what went down so if you are yet to read previous chapter I suggest you do so if you don’t want to be spoiled.

Chapter 50 kicked off with Natsu, Wendy, Cana, Grey, Lucy experiencing a huge tremor that shook everyone off their feet.

This tremor occurred after the last orb was destroyed by Mest who had been under control by the white wizard.

Unfortunately for the white wizard who thought that destroying the Orbs will make Aldoron (Wood god dragon) powers become hers was however left in shock seeing that the opposite was the case.

We got to know that the Towns people where not really human and they where actually Nutrients created by Aldoron to heal he’s wounds whenever the Orbs where destroyed and he was restored.

The scene then shifted to Natsu and Wendy who informed Mest that he had been under control and asked him to try Gather everyone together before he teleported off.

Chapter 50 them came to a close after the white wizard realized that all of her powers are gone and she had been deceived by The Moon Dragon God Selene.

Fairy tail 100 year quest chapter 51 spoilers and prediction

The concluding part of chapter 50 gave us a clear idea that the moon God Dragon Selene is actually an enemy to Humanity.

We still don’t know the relationship between Aldoron & Selene seeing how far she could to set him free.

I don’t believe there will be a fight between Natsu and the white wizard, rather I suspect she might come up with a plan or assist fairy tail in some ways to bring down Aldoron.

We should see the members of fairy tail gathering together in the next chapter and see how they plan to overcome this new threat.

I honestly do not believe fairy tail can handle Aldoron on their own not after they’ve all been fatigued from their may battles.

Where can I read Fairy tail 100 year quest ?

Chapter 51 of fairy tail 100 year quest should be arriving on the 4th of March 2020 and you can read the latest chapter on Mangatail or Viz.

Don’t forget to drop your suggestions and comments on the next chapter.


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