well well what can I say, it’s safe to say our little girl Wendy isn’t so little any more. 100 year quest Chapter 47 was very interesting indeed.

Before we give possible spoilers and predictions for fairy tail 100 year quest 48, let’s have a recap on the previous chapter.

If you are yet to read chapter 47 please click here to avoid spoilers but if you have done so or don’t mind then let’s ride on.

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Most of our prediction for last week chapter was correct as we saw the continuous battle between Wendy and Nebal who had Activated he’s dragon force prior to chapter 47.

Wendy vs Nebal fairy tail 100 year quest 48
Wendy vs Nebal

we got to see their fierce battle which was basically one sided with Nebal over powering Wendy.

I must say its clear Wendy isn’t a child anymore as she was able to stand back on her feet even after receiving several blows from Nebal.

The chapter then ended with Wendy going past her limit and activating her own power up which she called Irene Belserion.

100 year quest chapter 48

Fairy Tail 100 year quest 48 spoilers

Now what should we be expecting in fairy tail 100 year quest chapter 48?

No doubt the chapter should continue from where it left off with Wendy and her battle with Nebal.

We should see how much stronger she is with her skill Irene Belserion and how she will take down Nebal.

But if that isn’t the case then it is possible that the panel might shift to Natsu and the white wizard, remember chapter 46 the white wizard had activated a spell.

we hope to see more actions and answers in chapter 48.

Thanks you for reading, please don’t forget to leave your comments and predictions below. Tell us what you think might happen in chapter 48.


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