Hey guys, before we discuss and give our prediction for fairy tail 100 year quest chapter 47, we’d like to wish you a happy new year!!. Cheers.

Now then, let’s have a recap on chapter 46 pls know this post will contain spoilers on previous chapter and if you are yet to read it pls click here to do so, if you don’t mind then let’s go!

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So chapter 46 started off with the white wizard using a spell on Natsu to control him and use him break the crystal because she couldn’t break the crystal herself for some reasons.

We got to know the motive of the white wizard is that she feels powerful magic is the source of evil and hence needed to be erased.

Fairy tail 100 year quest 47
Fairy tail 47 raw
Fairy tail 47

Before should could drain Natsu’s magic completely, Happy was able to land a blow on the white wizard and rescue Natsu.

The panel then shifted to Elfman and Maryjane who had been able to stalemate their enemy and made them retreat.

We got to see Laxus and Erza on the floor both knocked out after their duel.

Kyria attempted to eat Laxus but before she did she was interrupted and asked to retreat immediately.

The chapter ended with Wendy Activating her Dragon Force against Nebal who also seemed like he too was going to activate he’s dragon force too.

Fairy tail 100 year quest 47 spoilers and predictions

We can Expect fairy tail 100 year quest quest chapter 47 to begin right off with Wendy and her dragon force she activated.

This will also be great for us fans to see how much Wendy has improved too.

Don’t forget also that Grey is attempting to Free Elfman and Mary Jane in the last chapter so I guess we probably will get to see how it goes and also what the white Wizard may do because she seemed awfully upset after Happy escaped with Natsu.

Fairy tail Chapter 47 Release Date?

There’s no break on the chapter this week so we expect next chapter should be available on the 11th of December. But the raw scans should be arriving couple of days earlier.

Don’t forget to leave you predictions and comment below.


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