The name EmmyX shouldn’t be strange to you anymore especially if you are from South south naija and if you don’t know who he is or would like to know more, This post is for you.

We at Johsblog got to have an interview session with your number Rapper, song writer and poet ‘EmmyX’ and got to know how he’s world revolves around.

This article is going to provide you answers to any and every questions you may have regarding EmmyX.

Emmy X

Full Name & State of Origin

Onosakponome Emmanuel Samuel Aka EmmyX who grew up partly in Akure, Benin and Lagos.

Onosakponome Emmanuel Samuel who is Isoko by tribe and he’s from the Isoko North Local Government area of Delta State.

He was raised by a Single Mum due to he’s Dads early demise at the early age of seven.

He’s mom Mrs Onosakponome was a Church Chorister and music director while he’s Dad of blessed memory Mr Onosakponome father was a preacher man. Surprising right? Emmy X is a pastor’s son.

Onosakponome Emmanuel Samuel is the eldest from the family of four having two young sibling and a mom.

Emmy X studied Mass Communication in Auchi polytechnic Auchi Edo state Nigeria.

Why Did you Chose to be a Musician?

“I wouldn’t say I became an artiste, I would rather say I was born one. Its nature and the order of it

Art to me is like a mirror, a reflection of myself to the general public, my beliefs, philosophy, views and mental perception, it’s like portraying myself to an audience who cares to know, who cares for a change and revolution.

I’m Hiphop and being a voice and mind for people is really a big deal, and I think this is one of the real reason my thirst hasn’t changed.

I’m not really doing music or being a musician for myself it’s a call from the universe, and I feel so blessed for the gift of representation and Expression”. He said

Top 6 Greatest inspirations

  • KRS ONe
  • NAS
  • JAYZ

Favourite Quote

My favourite quote is
“What is worth doing at all is worth doing well”


If I’m not Writing, Recording, performing I should be Arguing or wondering about philosophical issues…….questions that needs to be solved….

My celebrity crush


Religious Views

“Well I’m less Religious. But I suppose its practitions. I do believe all the world religions have somethings in common and they all have a common basic truth.”

How long Have You been Doing Music?

“I have been doing music professionally and Actively for nine years,

My first song was released in 2011 titled: Win

I was in my SS2 then, that’s was the first song I ever recorded but number 5th I wrote then.

My motivation began when all my secondary school course mates knew my rhymes and everyone spits it, the fans from secondary school days till I got to Auchi had been the reason I still do what I do.

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