Hello everyone glad to have you with us as we shall be discussing upcoming Dr Stone Chapter 160. In this article today we shall be giving you possible spoilers and Predictions, release date and where you can read Dr Stone Chapter 159 officially.

We are still in the New America City Arc and in the middle of the Duel between Senku and Dr Xeno who is the leader of the survivors who are currently habiting some portion of (maybe all) America.

I believe this battle will cross across several weeks before we either get a win (From Senku) or an alliance which I feel will most likely be the case. Before we give you our thoughts of Dr Stone 160, let’s have a quick Recap and review of what transpired in the previous episode.


Dr. Xeno reiterates that Taiju is not the enemy scientist, but Senku is. Stanley asks Xeno to identify Senku. Xeno rushes to retrieve a recording of the Perseus’ transmissions while reminiscing about his past with Senku.

Stanley complains that he can’t hear their voices, but Xeno says that he’ll use Senku’s voice to calculate his height. Xeno estimates his height to be about 5’8” and his age to be 19. Stanley (using Luna as benchmark) narrows his targets down to three.

Ryusui alerts the crew about the sniper, causing them to scatter. Luna, shocked that they had figured out the plan, instinctively looks at Stanley for guidance.

Stanley curses her for giving away his position, but realizes that this could work to his advantage, as their inexperience will cause the scientist to look at him.

Surely enough, Senku looks in Stanley’s direction, validating the guess. Stanley notes that Senku is using geometric principles to get out of Stanley’s line of sight quickly, but Stanley uses that information to predict where Senku will hide.

Before taking the shot, Stanley asks Xeno whether or not he’s sure he wants Senku dead, which Xeno confirms, believing that Senku would never agree with Xeno’s ambitions. Stanley takes the shot, as Senku mixes an unknown starch and water, creating dilatant fluid, which he remembers was tested for use in bulletproof vests.

He gets the bag in front of himself just in time for the bullet to pierce the wall and fragment, hitting the bag in multiple places.

Chapter Keynote & Review

  • Believing Senku would not agree with him, Dr. Xeno orders for his death.
  • With help from Xeno, Stanley is able to identify Senku.
  • Senku creates a bulletproof vest on the spot.

Now that Senku has been Made what do you think might happen and how will the manga proceed? Leave your comments down below

Dr Stone 160 spoilers 

Dr Stone Chapter 160

Release Date and Where to read??

Dr Stone Manga chapter 160 will be available to read officially on the 2nd of August and you can grab a read from official websites such as Mangaplus Shueisha or from Viz. You also support the creator buy purchasing hard copies when they are available.

Spoilers & Predictions?

Unfortunately at the time of writing this article there are no confirmed or official spoilers of Dr Stone 160 but you can be sure that we will update this post when the official spoilers are released so don’t forget to bookmark this page.

What will happen in Chapter 160?

Most likely the chapter will kick off from where it left off and we will see the outcome of Senku after he barely managed to avoid gunshots to he’s chest. I believe Luna will be captured and Senku will try to figure out what he’s next move should be.


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