Nigeria’s singer and songwriter, David Adeleke also known as Davido has been named the brand ambassador of cognac houses, Maison Martell, and its new “Standout Swift”.

Davido is now an international ambassador for Cognac House and has been described as the one who has the power to challenge others and open doors for others. The chief executive of Martell, Mumm Perrier has praised the uniqueness of Davido’s talent and his bold personality.

For Martell, a “Standout Swift” is someone who challenges convention and opens the way for others – and Davido certainly has that power. “Davido and Martell are above all the story of an encounter.

“Davido is fired by the same creative energy as Martell. His songs are a way for him to express his unique talent and his bold personality and – above and beyond that – to speak for his generation,” says César Giron, CEO of Martell Mumm Perrier-Jouët.

Like Martell, Davido is creating a legacy that starts – but does not end – with him. “I am proud to go on this incredible adventure with Martell, as I know we are pursuing the same goal: opening the way for others, each within our own creative field. We share the same idea that we rise by lifting others” he added.

The New Martell Blue Swift campaign featuring Davido is said to be unveiled later this year.


  1. You people should help the poor and stop all this big name up and down, I don’t understand this that the Rich get richer and poor get poor daily. But why 🙄


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