Captain Marvel vs Dark Phoenix I’m going to keep this argument brief. I have seen many people having various opinions on this issues. Well here’s my thought on the issue.

Well if captain marvel and Dark Phoenix from the MCU I’d go with captain marvel. Because from the movie portrayal Captain marvel was shown to be stronger.

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Captain marvel battle with Thanos and the Kree empire portrayed her with great feats. While Dark Phoenix who also displayed great strength in the MCU but not that comparable with Captain Marvel.

But if we should compare the comic versions of these 2 Dark Phoenix will take this.

Dark Phoenix’s peers are Odin, Galactus, and the Celestials. She can wipe out entire solar systems without breaking a sweat.

Dark Phoenix fought all the X-men and helped the hellfire club capture them then she destroyed a planet killing billions just to sate her hunger. She is an Omega level mutant.

You can leave your comments and suggestion let’s hear what you think.

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