Hey guys we will be discussing about the recent chapter which is boruto chapter 36 manga.

So if you haven’t read it yet I suggest you do ASAP in other to avoid spoilers. You can read it via clicking here.

Now to discuss boruto chapter 36 manga, we saw both boruto and kawaki having reactions from karma.

We also got informed that Sasuke will be arriving Konoha soon as sakura is busy happily making preparations.

The main issue I will like to discuss is the final episodes of the chapter. It is already giving us hints that boruto chapter 37 manga will be a great chapter.


My prediction for boruto chapter 37 manga is that we will be starting the panel with an exchange of blows between Naruto and Jigen.

Boruto chapter 36 manga

From what we have seen from the recent chapters and battle from Naruto I’d say jigen will over power the hokage.

Personally i feel it is’nt fair how they made naruto kinda weak in this boruto series. We haven’t seen him used the flying thunder god technique except when he caught boruto at the Hokage statues in the first chapters.

Moving on, I think after Jigen over power naruto who put a well good challenge, Boruto and Sarada will arrive to distract Jigen.

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Boruto episode 37 , we may see the duo taking on jigen and giving him a good beating just like Otsuki

Before jigen could maybe deal with Sarada and boruto, we may see Sasuke appearing to assist he’s best friend

Jigen will be forced to retreat and the chapter ends.

What are your thoughts, pls share your opinion on what you think may happen.

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