Today we will be discussing the upcoming Black Clover 246 raw scans and Black Clover Chapter 246 possible spoilers and release date.

We will be dropping our predictions and possible spoilers for up coming black clover chapter 246, But before we do let’s have a short review of how Chapter 245 went down.

You can click on here to read the last chapter if you are yet to avoid being spoiled. If you have done so or wouldn’t mind then let’s jump in.

Just with the anticipated hype from fans all across the world, black clover didn’t disappoint in chapter 245 as we finally got a Yami vs Dante

The chapter started off with Captain Yami arriving the scene and having a brief conversation with Dante before he launched an attack “GRAVITY MAGIC: PRESENCE OF DEMON KING” A magic attack That was able to Negate Finral’s spacial magic and force captain Yami down.

Captain Yami vs Dante

The captain then went into battle with he’s foe who used he’s gravitational magic and launched giant rocks at him. This attack was nothing against captain Yami as he was able to slice the rock into two easily.

Although Dante is Strong but you can agree with me that our captain is holding he’s own pretty well. Yami was able to land a hit on Dante using a dark cloaked sword Technique “IAI SLASH” before the chapter came to an end.

One thing can be agreed on the last chapter and that is both Yami and Dante have yet to show us their true powers. I believe the real battle should start from black clover 246. Although Yami is strong, I’m still skeptical that he’ll be able to handle Dante on he’s own like some fans may think.

Black Clover 246 spoilers and Predictions

Black clover chapter 246 should likely pick off from where it left off. I believe the real battle will begin in the upcoming chapter. Seeing as Dante has those kind of proud like personality, And now that he has taken damage my guess is that he will take the battle more seriously and reveal the powers of the devil he possesses.

Black clover 246

What say you guys, do you believe that captain Yami will be able to sort this out himself? Leave a comment below.

Where to Read Black Clover Manga Chapter 246?

All the black clover chapters are available online, you can read Black Clover Chapter 246 on official websites such as Viz or Shueisha’s manga plus website. You can also use the manga plus app.

Black Clover 246 Release date

Black Clover manga chapter 245 will be officially available on 5th Apri 2020. Readers can read it online from various official sources mentioned above.

Will Yami defeat Dante?

I believe that Dante Will be defeated but I have my doubts that he’ll be defeated by captain Yami alone. There is a possibility that Dante might retreat also from the battle.

That’s all we have for you this week, Don’t forget to drop your prediction as well and remember to always wash your hand’s and stay safe out there.


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