Good day guys, we are very much delighted to have you join us as we discuss Black Clover 277. Black clover chapter 277 official spoilers and raw scans is not yet available but no worries because we will update this articles as soon as we get something legit for you guys but for now we will be sharing our thoughts and predictions with you guys and we hope you find it exciting but before we proceed lets have a quick recap on the previous chapter.

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Chapter 276 of Black clover focused on the duel between Golden Dawn current vice captain and the previous vice captain Yuno and Langris Vaude versus Zenon. Although the chapter didn’t give us a lot of panel, it still did not disappoint as we got to see Yuno and Bell chan(lol) Merge and land a blow on Zenon with their new mode called “Spirit of Boreas” which brought the chapter to a close.

So what will happen in Black Clover 277?

Black Clover 277 Predictions

Like we earlier mentioned the official spoilers for black clover 277 is not yet available but predictions are that the we will be seeing the conclusion of the Battle between Yuno and Langris vs Zenon as we all know how strong Zenon is and will probably not go down that easily.

We may also see other captains as well. i’d like to believe that Asta might be revealed in the next chapter but that may be unlikely because he is the key to wining the battle according to what Nacht confirmed hence going with how mangas are usually potrayed the hero(Asta) will probably be showing face at a much more peril time. Thats all we have for now, do well to leave your thoughts in the comment section below

We will be updating this articles as soon as we get more news.

Black Clover 277 Release Date?

Black clover is s published under Shonen Jump magazine, a weekly magazine that comes out every Sunday so we expect chapter 277 to be arriving on the 27th of December just few days to the new year! You can always read black clover manga from official websites such as Mangaplus shueisha or you can read from viz.

You can as well do encourage the creators of this beautiful manga by purchasing hard copies online when they are available and if you just coming across black clover and have no idea what this manga is about then you’re in luck.

What is Black Clover About??

The series focuses on Asta, a young orphan who was raised from birth after being abandoned at the doorstep of an orphanage in Hage village along with his fellow orphan, Yuno. While everyone is born with the ability to utilize Mana in the form of Magical Power (魔力, Maryoku), Asta is the only exception. He tries to gain magical power through physical training. Conversely, Yuno was born as a prodigy with immense magical power and the talent to control wind magic.

Motivated by a desire to become the next Wizard King, an authority figure second to the king of Clover Kingdom, the two youths developed a friendly rivalry. Yuno obtains a legendary four-leaf grimoire held by the kingdom’s first Wizard King. Asta, despite his lack of magic, obtained the mysterious five-leaf grimoire (which cannot be clearly identified by others since it is worn out), which contains mysterious elf swords and rare anti-magic. Afterward, he and Yuno each join a Magic Knight squad as the first step to fulfill their ambitions. Throughout the story Asta and Yuno embark on various adventures, as they make a name for themselves throughout the Clover Kingdom. Both characters strive to one day hold the title of Wizard King.

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