With the hype build up in the previous chapter, It’s really one of the best time to be a Black Clover fan as fans could expect even more thrills and reveals in the upcoming Black Clover chapter 265.

In this article we will be discussing Black Clover 265 spoilers, release date, where you can read and as well as giving you guys our predictions but before we do that let’s have a recap on the previous chapter.


Nacht explains how they will be able to storm the Dark Triad and take them out, by using his magic to infiltrate the Spade Kingdom castle unnoticed. Nacht says that his magic will not allow him to take a crowd along and that he will need to choose the individuals that have the greatest chance of winning prompting Yuno requesting to be included among the attack team with the assurance from Sylph that they will be able to defeat Zenon and rescue Vengeance.

The chapter then came to a conclusion when Nacht says that Vanica may have attacked the Heart Kingdom, which shocks Asta. Elsewhere, Noelle Silva wakes up and finds that she is surrounded by Patolli, Fana, Vetto, and Rhya.

Black Clover 265
black clover

Black Clover 265 Spoilers and Predictions

Currently Black Clover 265 spoilers is not yet available as they come with the arrival of raw scans of the Manga when they get translated and are leaked online but you can expect these spoilers and raw scans to be available couple of days before the manga release.

What will happen in Black Clover 265?

You will recall that Nacht mentioned that they will be attacking in two days time, so it is likely that forth coming battle may be pushed two or one more chapter ahead.

With the arrival of PatolliFanaVetto, and Rhya in the heart kingdom and Nacht promising to make Asta stronger before they invade, black clover chapter 265 may feature the final preparing which will include who gets picked for the invation.

We could also see Asta maybe master a new form/technique and see what progresses with Noelle and the Heart Kingdom.

Black Clover 265 Release Date

The official release date of Black Clover 265 is 20th of this month. The raw scans of Black Clover 265 will be available on or before 17th September as they are snapshots from the Shonen Jump Magazines.

Fans can read the latest chapters of Black clover from authorized websites such as Mangaplus Shueisha or from Viz Media. That’s all we have for you guys, feel free to use the comment section below and tell us what you think might happen in the upcoming chapter of black clover.

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