After the last chapter, I’m sure everyone black clover fan across the globe are excited to see what black clover 264 has in for us. I really got hyped alot after Nacht said he’ll make Asta the strongest.

Things are really progressing alot smoothly and we will be having what may be one of the best Arc in the black clover franchise. We have a lot predictions on what may occur in black Clover 264 but for now let’s have a quick recap on the previous chapter.


The chapter kicked off with Nacht making he’s way to the captains meeting where they discussed on how to attack the Spade kingdom and rescue their abducted comrades.

With the captains wondering who the intruder was, Julius explains that Nacht has been in the Spade Kingdom spying, and that he did not know that Nacht was a devil host. 

Nacht explains how the Spade Kingdom wants to open a door to the Underworld, and that the preparations for the Advent of Qliphoth are under way at the Spade Castle.

Nacht tells them that Yami and William Vangeance will serve as the core of that ritual as sacrificial offerings. Nacht also explains how over seven days the advent of Qliphoth will begin, and seven gates of the seven levels of the underworld will open. Nacht tells them that there are ten devils matched to the Tree of Qliphoth in separate locations, and that lower level ones are the strongest. Nacht comments about how the upper level devils are as strong as the Dark Triad. Nacht also says that if the final devil, Lucifero, emerges, then the world will end.


Nacht tells them that from three days for now, the gates to the underworld will open. Nacht also says that before that happens, then they will reclaims Yami and Vengeance and even destroy the Tree of Qliphoth. Nacht says that they will build an elite force around Asta with the potential to defeat devils, and mount their assault against the Spade Kingdom.

With the preparation all set, it raises the question what may likely occure in the upcoming Black Clover chapter 264?.

Black Clover 264


With the way the Manga is rushed I believe we may not see Asta complete training, or even at all. We may Probably get a few scenes and that will be it.

I believe the Author will not like to reveal everything to us Asta may develop during the course of he’s training so keep your fingers crossed and be up for a huge surprise.

We know apart from the tactical preparation to attack the Dark Traids, the captains may also undergo some rigorous training and don’t forget Yuno too as he and Asta are always in a competition with one another for who’s strongest.

I believe Yuno will develop himself quite alot during this period before their attack on the Dark Triad.

It is highly likely that Black Clover 264 may focus more on the preparation for the forth coming battle and we may see them swing into action probably in the next two chapters.

Black Clover 264 Spoilers & Raw Scans

The raw scans of the Black Clover chapter 264 comes out 2 to 3 days early to the release date of the manga and are available on some site which we do not recommend.

Black Clover 264 Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 264 is scheduled to release on Sunday13 September 2020. Note that, the manga releases its new chapter every Sunday.

We can expect the English translations to be available a few hours. Don’t forget that you can always support the creators of Black Clover by buying hard copies of the Manga when they are available.

Where to read black clover 264?

We recommend that you read black clover chapter 264 from office websites such as Mangaplus Shueisha or from Viz Media.

That’s all for now, do well to leave a feedback or your predictions on what may happen in the next chapter.


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