Welcome everyone, today we will discuss possible events for upcoming Black Clover chapter 261. The chapter which was scheduled for the 16th of this month has been pushed ahead till on the 23rd of August and fans will need to wait Abit longer.

Now that Captain Yami and Golden Dawn captain Vengeance has been captured, so what will happen in black clover 261?? Who will save them and will Julius make a move this time? Before we discuss more on these let’s have a recap on the previous chapter.


As Dante Zogratis has been defeated, Asta starts to collapse after using his power. Yami Sukehiro catches him and compliments him on a job well done. Finral Roulacase and Vanessa Enoteca rush over and compliment about how fantastic they were.

As Gauche Adlai wakes up and wonders what happened, Grey hugs him and his glad that he is okay. Grey notices what she had done and apologizes, and Vanessa wonders what is happening with the two. Yami then gives Asta to Finral and walks back over to Dante.

When Finral asks what he is doing, Yami explains that he is going to restrain Dante, even though Dante is dying. Yami comments about how much trouble Dante has caused him and about how they now have a happy ending since they were able to capture the enemy’s top devil host.

Suddenly Zenon Zogratis appears beside Yami and skewers the captain on several bones. Yami thinks about how he has messed up and that he cannot move. Finral wonders who Zenon is, but realizes that Zenon has also captured Captain William Vangeance.

Finral remembers that the Dark Triad needs the users of the World Tree and Dark Magics in order to complete the Tree of Qliphoth. After lifting Dante up, Zenon explains how he was concerned with the magical fluctuations in the area and came over.

Zenon also chastises Dante for losing. Zenon notices Asta’s arm and fires one of his bones at Asta. Finral uses his Spatial Magic to redirect the attack. Zenon’s arm shakes, and Zenon realizes that it is from the attack he took from Yuno and that it was a good thing that he had taken care of Yuno.

Zenon opens a portal and comments that he would have like to take care of Asta but it is about time. Gauche says that Zenon is not going anywhere and fires his Reflect Refrain spell. Zenon uses his magic to easily counter the spell.

Vanessa says that they cannot let them go, while thinking about how that would mean the end of the world. Henry Legolant charges within the Mini Bull, but Zenon uses his magic to destroy it.

Asta tells the devil that he will trade anything to the devil to lend him its power, but the devil replies that it cannot since Asta is too weak to handle any more of its power.

After Finral opens a portal to Yami, Vanessa tries to get Rouge through it, but Zenon negates Finral’s portal. The resulting explosion knocks Vanessa back. Zenon then leaves through a portal, while the Black Bulls are shocked and call out to Yami.

Black Clover 261

Chapter 261 of Black clover is scheduled to be released on the 23rd of August 2020. Raw scans and spoiler will be arriving much earlier so don’t forget to keep checking on us because we Will update this article as soon as we get them.

What will happen in Black Clover 261?

Now That Yami and Vengeance has been captured I believe it will be up to thier Proteges (Asta and Yuno) to go and rescue them. This may not be the case right now because it is likely that black Clover chapter 261 may shift to another panel such Noelle versus Vanica.

It’s been over 3 chapter we saw them and I believe the author will like to balance the plot there by shifting to Noelle, Lolopechka vs Vanica to conclude this whole invasion arc before we have a rescue for Yami and Vengeance.

I believe the Wizards knights will have a much more difficult battle up ahead because remember that both Arcane has been captured and from what Zenon said their powers will allow them to open the doors so ‘Devils’ could come into thier world.

That’s all we have for you right now, please know this is a personal predictions and you could leave yours below on how you think the next chapter will go down. We will give you more official details as soon as we have more information


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