Welcome back everyone, in this article we will be discussing Black Clover 251. We will also discuss possible spoilers, where to read, release date and have a recap on the previous chapter in case you missed anything.

The last Chapter sure gave us the assurance that the Black Bulls have become a force to recon with and not just a push over. I’ve been among those who believe that Captain Yami will not be able to defeat Dante but seeing Luck and now Charmy pull out these incredible feats, I’m sure the captain of the Black Bulls should be able to hold he’s own against Dante. Let’s have a Quick recap on previous chapter before we discuss Black Clover 251.


Charmy Pappitson races to Polnfrume Forest where she finds the Dark Disciple Halbet has defeated the Spirit Guardian Potrof and set fire to the forest. Confronting Halbet, Charmy states that she will never forgive Halbet and attacks with a large sheep.

Halbet notes that their magic attributes are similar in that they pass through each other but Halbet’s Hair Magic is able to defend, unlike Charmy’s Cotton Magic. Halbet’s hair cuts Charmy and then twists into spears that pierce Charmy. While wrapping Charmy in a cocoon of hair, Halbet comments that eating is foolish because all beauty needs is proper nutrition management.

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As the cocoon tightens, Charmy reminds Halbet of her previous statement, and Charmy’s wolf emerges and consumes the hair, freeing Charmy. Halbet is confused as it is not a devil‘s power.

When Halbet dodges the wolf’s utensils, Charmy uses natural manaarrays to create a barrier, trapping the Disciple in a “kitchen.” The wolf then seasons and cooks Halbet and her hair. Watching this display, Potrof realizes he has created a monster.

The wolf consumes most of Halbet’s hair and transfers the magic power to Charmy, who unleashes a flurry of punches. As the battered Disciple passes out, Charmy declares, “True beauty and strength come from proper meals.

Chapter Summary

  • The Spirit Guardian Potrof is Defeated by Halbet
  • Charmy uses natural manaarrays to create a barrier,
  • Charmy, who unleashes a flurry of punches and defeats Halbet

Black Clover 251

Spoilers and Raw Scans?

Raw scans and spoilers are early translations before thier official release on Websites Such as Viz or Shueisha Mangaplus. The raw scans and spoilers for black clover 251 will be available from the 22nd of May. You can follow me on Twitter@ Johsensei where I’ll be discussing and posting them as soon as they are out.

Release Date

Fans don’t have to wait for long as black clover chapter 251 will be released on the 24th May 2020 on official websites such as Mangaplus and Viz. If you love black clover You can also support the creators by reading from official websites and buying hard copies when they are released.

Black Clover 251 Predictions

What will Happen in Black Clover 251?

Most members of the Dark Deciples that attacked have already been defeated which include Svenkin against luck and now Halbet losing to Charmy.

We will likely see another fierce battle between the last of the Dark Deciples and the Bulls in black clover 251 and chances are we may get to see Vanica show face since her arrival in the Heart kingdom

There’s a chance we may see a panel shift to Yuno and the Golden Dawn members probably meeting up with Asta and the other members of the Black Bulls.

That’s all we have for you guys, don’t forget to leave your predictions and suggestions in the comments section below and don’t forget to follow on Twitter and IG@ Johsensei.


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