Great to have you with us again as we discuss black clover chapter 237 and as well drop predictions of what we should expect in the forth coming chapter 238.

For those who haven’t read chapter 237 you can do so by clicking here to avoid spoilers as we do a quick recap.

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So chapter 237 started off with Klaus Lunette along with some colleges battling a Dark Triad member ‘Eiyoki‘ who uses a mist ability.

Eiyoki who has been able to over power he’s opponent and about to land a final attack before he was interrupted by Yuno who blew he’s mist magic off.

Before Eiyoki could react to the incident he was quickly countered and defeated by an attack from Klaus.

Black clover 238

The panel then shifted to Captain Vengeance much to my surprised has been defeated by non other than Zenon who we knew was capable of drawing out 80% of the devils power.

Well I honestly felt we could have gotten a more battle from Vengeance before been defeated, maybe he’d have caused Zenon some serious injuries before losing.

Now that probably one of the most powerful Captain in the clover Kingdom has been defeated with this level of ease from Zenon, who then can stop him?? Leave your comments below.

Black Clover 238 Spoilers and discussions

The heat is up you guys and I bet from here in out we will be seeing some extremely difficult battles.

Chapter 238 should pick off from where it left off last week. Will Yuno fight Zenon or will support arrive in time? Or will the black bulls (Asta) show up.

I believe reinforcements should arrive in the next chapter with probably one or two more captains making appearance.

Don’t forget to leave your predictions for chapter 238 below, we’d like to know what you think.

Black clover 238 as long there are no break should be arriving on the 1st of Feb 2020.


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