Describing Omashola on Day 4 of Big Brother Naija Reunion Show, the host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu likened him to a Chief Reporter who always goes into the diary room and get viewers wowed with so much reports to Biggie.

Ebuka continued that those moments made Omashola favourite to many viewers as it showed he always and confidently shares how he feels and everything with Big Brother in the diary room. Then, Ebuka asked him what was always going through his mind whenever he goes in there.

Omashola answered“I figured out we had to talk to Biggie just once a week. And a lot of things happen in that very small space and I’m one person who will tell you that it’s hot in there. Like, Biggie this person did this, let’s talk about it now. But we can’t meet Biggie. Only one day in a week, so I gather every single thing and I have to keep everything in my mind and when I go in there, I have to tell him as much as possible.

“So, I have to tell him everything that I’m going through at that particular time. So I give him the report of everything and everybody and what is going wrong and what is not going wrong and what I’m seeing that I don’t like and what he must take care of and what he must provide.”

Ebuka asked him if he felt Biggie was like a friend, and he continued, “Let me not lie, I see Biggie more like a dad than even the name Big Brother. I was in a stage where I’m like I believe before Big Brother, I don’t believe anybody to talk to me. You can’t tell me not to go outside, you can’t tell me what radio station to tune into and TV station to watch. Like I’ve grown big pass who.

“So coming into the house was like taking it back to my childhood and I really embraced that part. It was somehow stressful but it get to a part I wasn’t enjoying it because there’s someone I could actually talk to or report to. I know he can actually tell you to go to the garden and you cannot challenge him. Even my own big brother (referring to his biological brother) I can talk to him anyhow”.


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